StockX just released its Current Culture Index 2022, a dive into the state of resale in 2021 and a look forward to what this year might have in store.

The report reveals some surprises, along with some findings we all saw coming.

Hardly a shock, the top traded sneaker imprint of 2021 was Jordan Brand, which users sold for an average price premium of 60 percent above MSRP. The Air Jordan 1 was a particularly popular model, which took the cake as the most-traded silhouette for the fourth year in a row.

Despite the tentative comeback of high-heels, the ever-comfy Croc maintained an average price premium of 98 percent — a healthy mark-up for foam-injected clogs.

Over in apparel and accessories, Supreme reigned, well, supreme as the platform's number one brand, followed by Fear of God and — problematically — Vlone, demand for which increased this year.

I was under the impression that, as a society, we agreed that wearing clothing made by convicted sexual abusers is not the move, but I guess I was mistaken.

Perhaps the brand's questionable popularity shouldn't come as such as surprise, given that big names including The Weeknd and NBA Youngboy collaborated with A$AP Bari's imprint as recently as 2020.

Speaking of disgraced men in music, Travis Scott's Cactus Jack — formerly StockX's second most-popular brand — moved down two spots to number four.

On a more lighthearted note, Pokémon, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, fetched prices nearly two times higher than all over trading card brands on StockX in 2021. (Someone tell Logan Paul he doesn't have to buy his Pokémon cards from sus-looking eBay accounts!)

Looking ahead, the resale app predicts a rise in trades of "hype books," such as Virgil Abloh. Nike. Icons; increased demand for sneakers in women's and children's sizing; and sports such as tennis, racing, and gaming to play an ever bigger role in fashion.

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