Although not all of us want to admit it, we're less than two weeks away from the end of summer. For many of us (including the lucky few that escaped a wet summer), that means rain is on the way – and nothing quite says "prepared for wet weather" like GORE-TEX.

And if you're looking outside and seeing rain, chances are you'll want a solid waterproof raincoat or at least a hat to protect your dome — no hate to umbrellas but going hands-free in GORE-TEX is even better. So you're probably gonna want to grab a piece or two from the Stüssy's new GORE-TEX drop.

While Stüssy's slick graphic prints, patterned shirts, and spectrum of color options are pretty much synonymous with warm weather, that doesn't mean it doesn't know how to tackle Fall/Winter 2021 with finesse. Its latest drop is a testament to that, delivering a three-piece GORE offering in two versatile colorways.

GORE-TEX-equipped Stüssy pieces have been around since the early 2000s, with refined seasonal capsules collabs becoming more and more frequent as the years went by. The FW21 capsule borrows from the aesthetic set out in the Fall 2020 lineup, which featured tonal outwear and accessories alongside color-blocked alternatives.

While the products on offer – a jacket, pants, and bucket hat – are the same as those featured in the pair's previous collaboration, the color selection feels more seasonally appropriate this go-round.

Each of the three pieces comes in a black and two-tone black-and-brown option, with contrasting spell-out branding instead of vivid blue. Not that there's anything wrong with some colorful flair, but we're all about versatile neutrals.

You can shop the GORE-TEX capsule collection on Stüssy's web store now.

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