Super Bowl 54 is the single biggest television event in America. Not only do the two best NFL teams face off for the Lombardi Trophy, the halftime show is just as high-profile, while the commercials are usually a bigger talking point than what happens on the field.

This year, the disappointing overall quality of Super Bowl commercials was a much-discussed topic on Twitter, as were Google’s tear jerker of a commercial and Planters’ decision to include the hashtag #BabyNut in its spot (we’re still not sure if it was brilliantly intentional or an oversight).

As per usual, Twitter was on hand for some hilarious reactions. Check out the best below.

Read on for some of the best reactions to the Super Bowl commercials

Google’s “Loretta” ad was highly emotion but still managed to split opinions

#BabyNut dominated Twitter reactions

Rick & Morty got some love as well

Overall, though, people were not impressed

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