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Takashi Murakami is already gearing up for another exhibition, following his “AMERICA TOO” installation alongside Virgil Abloh. His new solo show is scheduled to open on November 10 at Perrotin Shanghai.

The title of the exhibition has yet to be announced, although Perrotin suggests that it will center around Murakami’s now-famed flowers. Subsequently, the gallery has gone on to detail the history behind the famed Japanese artist and his floral creations.

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Takashi Murakami’s new solo show will open on Nov. 10 at Perrotin Shanghai! Save the date! Today, we would like to tell you an ecstatic flower story… ? Have you already heard the story of this pattern in Takashi Murakami’s work? Though Murakami has said in the past that he initially “didn’t like flowers” and that their smell and shape made him “almost physically sick,” they eventually became an integral part of his work. He embraced the beaming, overjoyed flora and adopted it as one of his emblems when preparing for entrance exams for the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and after spending nearly a decade teaching prep-school students how to draw flowers. 村上隆全新个展将于11月10日在贝浩登(上海)开幕!敬请期待! 今天我们来聊聊这些欣荣绚烂的花朵。 你是否了解这个创作主题背后的故事? 虽然村上隆曾表示自己最初“不喜欢花”,花的味道及形状都让他“近乎身体不适”,但最终他接纳了这些欣荣绚烂的花朵,使其成为创作中不可或缺的元素。在备考东京艺术与音乐大学(现东京艺术大学)期间,艺术家将它们作为作品中的标志之一,之后甚至近十年都持续教授预备学校的学生如何画花。 _______ #takashimurakami #perrotinshanghai #perrotin #murakamishanghai #murakamiperrotin #村上隆 #贝浩登上海 #贝浩登 #村上隆上海 #村上隆贝浩登 Artwork 作品: Takashi MURAKAMI “Untitled”, 2018 Acrylic on canvas mounted on aluminum frame 300 × 1500 cm | 118 1/8 × 590 9/16 in (15 panels) ©2018 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Perrotin 村上隆 《无题》,2018年 布面丙烯,内制铝框 300 × 1500 cm | 118 1/8 × 590 9/16 in (15 屏) ©2018 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 图片提供:贝浩登

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Be sure to stay tuned for more surrounding Takashi Murakami’s upcoming solo show at Perrotin Shanghai, again, opening November 10.

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