Following yesterday's trailer for HBO's The New Pope, Netflix provides us with a first look at its own papal project, The Two Popes. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce star in the upcoming film from Academy Award-nominated director Fernando Meirelles and three-time Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Anthony McCarten.

The Two Popes begins as Pryce's Cardinal Bergoglio seeks out Pope Benedict (Hopkins) to ask his permission to retire. As opposed to granting his request, Benedict summons his would-be successor to Rome to unburden himself of a secret that could truly harm the Catholic Church. Inspired by true events, the movie sheds a light on the struggle within the Vatican walls between tradition and progress, guilt and forgiveness, as these two men must confront their past to usher in a bright future for a billion followers.

The Two Popes comes to select theaters in the US on November 27 before landing on Netflix December 20. #TheTwoPopes @NetflixFilm — Anthony Hopkins (@AnthonyHopkins) August 29, 2019

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