Highsnobiety's sneaker jury is tasked with bringing sneakers to trial by delivering a verdict on key releases. Our recurring jury will convene for the most pivotal sneaker drops to serve up analysis and commentary. This week, the defendant is the Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 "Cactus Jack."

Stay posted for upcoming editions, when a new jury will weigh in with their verdict on the next big release.

The jury is now in session.

Sean Wotherspoon, Designer

“I think Travis and his team killed it once again. Between his tour merch, his sneakers with Nike and Jordan, and random collaborations inbetween, they always seem to have the most wearable and tasteful gear, in my opinion. 100% cop, they look even crazier without the zip-up shroud too!”

Verdict: Cop

Arthur Bray, Co-Founder of Yeti Out

"This is my favorite Cactus Jack collab to date as it features a variety of patterns and textiles. It's a more interesting alternative that conjures up a DIY sensibility compared to the stripped-back design of other releases.

Although it is a departure from other Catcus Jack releases, the panels clash in an innovative way and it's fitting to the current fad of reuse, experimentation and customisation - think a Drx Romanelli design with a statement finish via its large front metallic zip closure, and quality use of fabrics. Whether the sneaker is comfortable for daily wearing is another debate, but it sure is ornamental and appeals to fashion heads who want an exaggerated alternative to the classic model, and fans of La Flame alike."

Verdict: Cop

Francky B, Director of Kith Paris

"For me, Travis Scott's twist on the Air Force 1 is a bit weird. Let’s say it's too inspired, and there is too much going on with this pair; mixed materials, zippers, colours. Dear Travis, less is more. It’s a drop for me unless Kylie delivers them to me in person."

Verdict: Drop

Estelle Bailey-Babenzien, Noah

"At first look my thoughts are, "what are those?!" I’m confused, these are definitely unique, and a statement shoe, but not necessarily good looking. They fall in line with the trend of futuristic bulky kicks, but the top zipper patch is like odd modernist extension on a classic building. My second thought is when I see or hear the word Cactus I immediately think of the brilliant Cactus Plant Flea Market - so again, I’m confused, to me, she Cynthia currently owns the word Cactus. The positives are the colorway, I love turmeric and plum, both colors go with everything in Fall."

Verdict: Drop

Chris Danforth, Footwear Editor at Highsnobiety

"The Air Force 1 is such a timeless sneaker, that it's nearly impossible to improve on the original white-on-white design. That being said, it is certainly a great canvas for collaborators to get crazy with. For me, there is way too much going on with this shoe, and I still don't understand why there is Cyrillic writing on the upper. Can someone explain that? I prefer Travis's first Air Force 1."

Verdict: Drop

  • Image Credits:Tetra Images/Getty Images
  • Image Credits:Nike

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