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GQ Germany / @rayscorruptedmind

GQ Germany recently profiled Travis Scott on the last stop of his Astroworld tour at the O2 Arena in London. Accompanied by a photo set of Scott clad in a cozy Louis Vuitton bathrobe, the interview touches on the 28-year-old's daughter Stormi, his relationship with Virgil Abloh, his approach to making music, and more.

Check out a handful of the best quotes below.

On Stormi...

“Many things in life I only noticed when my daughter was born. Paternity is the most impressive thing that ever happened to me. Really. Watching your own daughter grow older every day is the most magical experience in the world, and I’ve gained a lot of passion for other areas of my life as well that I was hardly able to get excited in the past”

On Virgil Abloh...

"I know him from times when he designed his designs with Photoshop — wait a minute, he still does. His whole style is impressive, he was not only an irreplaceable mentor to me, but he is still a very good friend."

On patience...

"It comes with the time, you can not have everything right now, it took me years in this business to be as comfortable as I am today, and I can work relaxed with people like Jay-Z and Rihanna today because they trust me. That does not happen overnight."

On Astroworld...

“With ‘Astroworld,’ I was hoping to give young people the feeling I had back then in Houston, you can discover something in every corner of the album and have fun with it for months.”

Head to GQ Germany to check out the interview in full.

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