Travis Scott isn't really in the good graces of his fans at the moment. The rapper unveiled a project called Days Before Birds, a work seemingly cut from leftovers off of this year's Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Whatever it was, it vanished before most of us had the chance to hear it, and no one knows for sure whether we'll get it back.

Regardless, Scott is attempting to make amends in a way only he can do best: by dropping an absolute fire remix of the Rae Sremmurd song "Swang." The track initially appeared on the duo's new album SremmLife 2, but in Scott's hands the song becomes a different beast entirely. Namely, a beast that is practically dripping in the syrupy swagger of Scott's melancholy autotuning. Listen to the track below to see how it stacks up to the original:

Stay tuned to see if the Days Before Birds project ever gets an official release.

In other music news, Kanye West delivered yet another of his exceptionally poetic rants at a stop on the Saint Pablo tour lashing out at "copycats." Read about it right here.

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