The day many Twitter users have dreaded is finally here. The social media platform has introduced a "stories" feature. It's called "Fleets," and people are upset.

Since Snapchat introduced stories in 2013, the feature quickly became an instant sensation and a popular staple across the board. Facebook went on to build stories into every other platform it owned: WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook proper. Seven years down the line, Netflix, YouTube, Tinder, and even LinkedIn tried and tested the feature, leaving Twitter as the last standing frontier.

Today, Twitter has finally changed its tune. First being tested in Brazil, Twitter has launched a new story mode, fleets — a combo of “fleeting” and “Tweets” — which basically functions the same way as "stories" on other apps. However, users are not impressed.

As Twitter was the last platform to not cave to the stories trend, loyal users of the social media platform are sharing their disappointment at this new update under the hashtag "RIP Twitter." Check out some of the tragic, hilarious and straight-up savage reactions to fleets below.

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