High-profile celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has created a diamond-covered chain for Tyler, the Creator, inspired by the artwork on his 2019 album, IGOR. According to TMZ, it's worth a jaw-dropping $275,000.

On Tuesday, the jeweler hit up Instagram to deliver a close look at the insane pendant. "You can’t just book me to make you a piece. Out of 100 people who ask, I say no 100 times," he said of his covetable work. Clearly, Tyler does not fall in the "no" category, as Baller then revealed that his admiration for Tyler pushed him to design the piece.

Baller then pointed out the intricacies of the pendant, including how the gradient levels of brown diamonds match Tyler's skin tone when the light hits it, and how he gave the nose a slight the curvature. "This is my last piece of 2019," he continued. "My last piece of this decade. So I knew I had to fucking crush it."

Check out the "heavy as fuck" piece below.

Baller is known for his custom creations, with particular standouts including Elon Musk's Tesla ring and Drake’s $100K gold and diamond “Stone Island” chain.

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