"Is 'Vintage' Clothing Over?" So asks The New York Times in a recent article examining whether the culture of shopping for vintage clothing is coming to an end.

Specifically citing Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner dressing head-to-toe in ’90s Versace and second-hand Fendi, and the return ’00s staples such as low-rise jeans and the Dior saddle bag, the article ponders how long a product needs to be in circulation before it becomes "vintage" and whether shorter fashion cycles prompted by celebrities' retro fashion choices are erasing vintage as a concept.

Similarly, with secondhand sales platforms such as Grailed and Depop gathering more customers every day, the article asks whether the overall concept of vintage is "on the wane."

The NYT put this question to fashion historian and lecturer Amber Butchart, who told the paper, “The industry is definitely changing, and fashion cycles are becoming shorter." Butchart explained that fashion's previous 20-year cycles now getting shorter, to as low as five years, meaning trends cycle around faster.

“When we’re living through an era, it’s quite difficult to have an overriding view of it as a whole. Or be able to imagine how future generations might look back on it,” Butchart added. “We can’t say that we won’t be able to look back at the 2010s in the future and recognize fashion from that period. That’s never happened before in history.”

To read the full article, head to NYT here.

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