Fast food is the new streetwear, haven't you heard?

Over the past year, burgers and fries have morphed into trendy eats emblematic of their (many) celebrity endorsers: Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, BTS, Lil Nas X, and Mariah Carey are among the many big names who've partnered with fast food chains.

With a seemingly never-ending roster of limited-edition celebrity meals rolling out each month, McDonald's, Popeyes and Taco Bell are now governed by the same scarcity model that hyped streetwear brands thrive on.

Just as hypebeast hawkers flip Supreme hoodies, BTS-approved dipping sauces are being sold on eBay for hundreds — even thousands — of dollars.

And it's not just fast food that's cashing in on the allure of clickbait-y releases.

Reese's recently launched a three-pound, peanut butter cup "pie" (only 3,000 were produced and promptly sold out), and Van Leeuwan's website crashed after launching Kraft macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream.

Elsewhere, KAWS and Reese's Puffs partnered on limited edition boxes of cereal, available at resale for $150.

2021 has been a year of cursed food things, seemingly dreamed up for the sole purpose of virality (Tropicana-flavored toothpaste, anyone?). Take a trip down the most upsetting aisle in the supermarket with this year's most outrageous, "but why though" fare.

Chipotle x Shawn Mendes

Starting 2021 off on a questionable note, Chipotle launched the Shawn Mendes Bowl, a guacamole-topped salad, to plug his charity, the Shawn Mendes Foundation. For every sale of the $12.20 bowl, $1 was donated to the initiative.

We're all for giving back to the community, but was a Mendes-ified salad really the best way to get the word out?

IKEA Meatball-Scented Candles

Because nothing sounds more appealing than coming home to a beef-scented apartment.

Hendrick's Gin "Gaming" Chair

An anti-gaming gaming chair, Hendrick's $4,000 chaise is optimized for real-world — rather than virtual — activities such as reading, sleeping, and drinking alcohol.

Pringles CryptoCrisp

Potato chip giant Pringles cashed in on the NFT craze with its first "virtual flavor," christened CryptoCrisp. Essentially a GIF of a Pringles container, only 50 were made — and five still remain, if you're willing to shell out 4.95 Ethereum (approximately $23,000) for the pointless, inedible collectible.

Burger King's Twitter Mishap

This one isn't exactly a weird food, but it's worth shouting out for its sheer ridiculousness

In March, the fast food chain decided to celebrate International Women's Day by tweeting out, "Women belong in the kitchen," intended to highlight the lack of female representation in the culinary world.

Unsurprisingly, the now-deleted post didn't go down well.

Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles


Miller Lite x New Balance

The two giants of dude culture put their heads together to produce a dad shoe-shaped beer koozie. Enter the Shoozie, perfect for cracking open a cold one with the boys and giving a whole new meaning to the "shoey."

Panera Bread Bathing Suit

Soup gang, rejoice. Panera has you covered with bathing suits emblazoned with "SOUP" across the boobs.

Coca-Cola Coffee

A cheap alternative to Adderall?

DJ Khaled's Another Wing

One of Khaled's major keys is apparently launching a delivery-only chicken wing joint serving up loudly titled flavors such as "They Don’t Want You To Win TRUFFALO" and "You Loyal! Lemon Pepper."

Bonus: Travis Scott x McDonald's Chicken Nugget Body Pillow

As cute as a nugg-shaped pillow could've been, the disgraced rapper's fried cushion looks more like my eczema flare-up than a tasty snack.

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