In today's news: If you didn't manage to cop Kanye's surprise YEEZY x GAP hoodie when it was released earlier this week, you can still get your hands on it thanks to resellers looking to make a big chunk of money.

Originally priced at $90 USD (a price many argued was way too high for something from the GAP, yet a steal in comparison to the rapper's own YEEZY line), the hoodie is now reselling for around $300 across sites including Grailed and eBay – and the hoodie hasn't even been shipped yet. I mean come on, why do resellers always have to ruin the fun?

The surprise drop was announced through a countdown on GAP's website, with many speculating that the drop could be another colorway of the popular Round jacket – which isn't being shipped until Spring 2022, by the way. When it was revealed that the release was "a plain hoodie" in six different colorways, it initially had YEEZY fans divided, which didn't seem to make a difference in the end seeing as all the sizes have sold out.

Those who ordered the hoodie will see at least 2-3 weeks before the piece is being delivered, and close to two months for the black colorway. So far, all the YEEZY x GAP releases have been released through a pre-order system, which is not just more accessible, but also more sustainable as it doesn't create unnecessary production.

We already knew the demand for Kanye's collaborations would be incredibly high, and with a 10-year contract, we're in for a lot more drops. If you're looking to purchase the hoodie, you're guaranteed to find at least a hundred different options online if you're willing to pay the re-sell price.

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