HQTokyo, Japan
FounderYoon Ahn and Verbal

As seen on the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, and Kim Jones, AMBUSH is the brainchild of two Tokyo style icons, Yoon Ahn and her husband Young-Kee Yu, the rap producer known as Verbal. The name for the label came from Yoon’s desire to "take people by surprise,” and to that end, the brand has been a tremendous success. After spending years creating album artwork and couture jewelry for artists and celebrities, AMBUSH began as a passion project for Yoon, making giant gold chains, rings, pins, earrings, chokers, and chainmail hoodies for Verbal and his appearances with the Japanese rap group the Teriyaki Boyz, because the couple didn’t like what was currently available. Always looking bridge the worlds of high fashion, hip-hop, and streetwear, AMBUSH reached out to influencers like Kanye and Pharrell early on in their careers, and since then, AMBUSH has gone on to become an award-winning, globally recognized jewelry brand that’s made serious inroads into apparel. Who is Yoon from AMBUSH? A Korean-American designer born in Seattle but currently based in Tokyo, Yoon Ahn studied graphic design at the University of Boston, where she met her husband Verbal. Starting her career, Yoon produced album covers for Verbal and other artists, but after a few years, she founded her first jewelry line Antonio Murphy & Astro, which got the attention of a young Kanye West in 2004. Despite no formal training in jewelry-making, Yoon went on to found AMBUSH in 2008 to instant success—no doubt buoyed by her deep connections in fashion and music forged during her early aughts as a graphic and jewelry designer. A finalist for the 2017 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, Yoon’s now the head of jewelry design for Dior Homme. AMBUSH Timeline 2002 — Ambush Design Company is founded focusing on art direction and album artwork design. 2004 — Yoon and Verbal found a couture jewelry line called Antonio Murphy & Astro in order to make better accessories for Verbal and his contemporaries to wear. 2008 — AMBUSH is founded by Yoon and Verbal. 2009-2010 — Collaborates with BAPE on jewelry, accessories, and footwear. 2012-2013 — Collaborates with Reebok on two versions of the Reebok Pump Fury HLS. 2015 — AMBUSH dives into apparel, at first looking to use the clothing to create a “canvas” for their famous accessories. 2016 — Opens its first flagship store in Tokyo, combining a retail space with their design studio for maximum creative ethos. 2018 — Presents their first runway presentation as part of Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. 2019 — AMBUSH collaborates with Nike for the first time, taking the the women’s Air Max 180 and making it their own with a unique zippered upper. AMBUSH Related Articles Take a Look Inside AMBUSH’s Tokyo Office You Won’t Find AMBUSH’s Safety Pin-Inspired Jewelry in the Stationary Aisle The Fashion Jewelry You Need to Elevate Your Whole Outfit