Tune in and turn up

Fresh off the success of a top 10-charting album on Billboarda first-of-its-kind feat for a project using only streaming metrics – Chance The Rapper sat down with Zane Lowe for an in-depth conversation about a variety of different topics. Below are a few choice excerpts, but we suggest watching the whole, hour-long interview from Conway Studios in Los Angeles.

Chance the Rapper on recording “All We Got” with Kanye West
“‘Ye says pull out the MPC. They bring out the MPC almost like in the gold suitcase in Pulp Fiction. He records drums in a way I’ve never seen before he does everything live off the MPC. As it plays now the drums aren’t mixed separately, all the kicks all the hi hat are the same level. He does it literally in one take from top to bottom he just stands there and goes through it and plays all the drums that you hear on the track as you hear now. Less than five seconds after he does that one take through he goes through and freestyles over it.”

Chance the Rapper talks record labels
“I don’t agree with the way labels are set up. I don’t agree that anybody should sign 360 deals or sign away their publishing or take most of the infrastructure that’s included in a formal deal. But I’ve learned to not be like f**k this company, f**k that company, even though a lot of those people tried to make it really hard for me to release my projects.”

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