Tune in and turn up

Frank Ocean’s clearly not that fussed about the hysteria surrounding his much-delayed record, Boys Don’t Cry. Last night the artist indulged in a cheeky drag race with Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles, with none other than A$AP Rocky as a witness.

The law-breaking shenanigans were documented by Rocky, who rode shotgun with Tyler before posting the clip up on his Snapchat last night.

Of course fans were not so pleased with the move despite the candid behavior…

There’s still no sign of Boys Don’t Cry, Ocean’s eagerly-anticipated second full-length. It was first scheduled to drop at the beginning of the month following a cryptic livestream of a mysterious figure doing some carpentry. After that, a previous picture of a library card seemed to signal that the record would come in November, although that’s yet to be confirmed.

After all that waiting, I suppose a video of Ocean enjoying himself (and driving irresponsibly) is the best we’ll get for a while yet.

Still agonizing over Frank’s many delays? Check out what his longtime collaborator, Malay, had to say about the issue in his Reddit AMA.

  • Lead Image: Terry Richardson
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