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These days, Kanye West is a family man, and since the birth of his two children, West has opened up on more than one occasion about his new role as a father of two and husband to Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this year, Kanye sat down with radio host Big Boy to touch on the subject, stating “I’m so happy to be a father. I want to learn what my daughter has to say. What she learns. I just want to learn how she learns in this world.”

It’s been rumored for a while now, but given that West’s daughter North just turned three, and his son Saint is approaching his first birthday, it only makes sense that Kanye would work with adidas to kit the youngins’ out in some mini-versions of the popular 350 model in “Turtle Dove” and “Pirate Black” editions. Do it for the kids, bro.

We hit up some of the coolest dads we know, to get their thoughts on the new range of YEEZYs for kids.

Chris Gibbs, Owner of UNION LA…

“I just could never bring myself to spend a shitload of money on kicks for a little baby. Part of me wanted to floss, but a bigger part of me didn’t want to set a bad precedent of extreme consumerism so early on. It’s one thing when you earn it or can afford it, but it’s another thing when it’s just given to you. When my kids got old enough to start wanting kicks, they still had to earn them, either through chores or grades or have sick game on the court to match their shoes.

John McPheters, Founder & CEO of Stadium Goods…

“We’re very excited, it’s such a natural outgrowth for the hype surrounding the men’s YEEZY Boosts, and I’m sure the marketplace will go crazy for them. Baby NMDs up next? One can only hope.”


Jerry Lorenzo, Founder of Fear of God

“Love the move, won’t be copping, only because I know ‘Ye knows to send some swag to little Jerry and my twins.”

Corey Shapiro, Founder of Vintage Frames Company…

“A father’s dream in this industry is to have a “mini-me.” I’ve seen people (including myself) go to great lengths to acquire things as a bragging right. For some of us, we would almost prefer our sons stunting then us stunting on our own. For my child at least, price is irrelevant. When my son walks into kindergarten and shuts down the parents dropping off their kids, my job is done! He’ll have two pairs for sure.”

Treis Hill, Partner and General Manager of ALIFE…

“Well done Kanye and adidas! I don’t think they will be popular, I know they will be. Upon Highsnobiety posting the news, I’ve received multiple texts asking if I can hold them down at ALIFE. Having a newborn myself and being in a creative space, parents want fresh product. Who cares if your child will have them dirty after day two? Beyond it being a YEEZY shoe and ultra hyped, it’s a great-fitting shoe and very comfortable. Why not buy one for your child? I believe the $130 price point is a fair price, given the demand on this shoe. My sonny will be wearing them. It’s a sneaker – everyone calm down.”


As for the YEEZYs, I ain’t mad at it, there is demand out there, and it’s all about supply and demand, no? I mean, the Stephen Currys and the AJs are close to that price point as it is. It’s not like toddlers are actually running around and getting their kicks fucked up. They chillin’ in their strollers, keeping the kicks squeaky clean!”

Nick Bridge, Founder of Bitchslap Magazine…

“The best way to make sure my kid doesn’t get bullied, while simultaneously proving to his friends fathers’ that I am the hipster wanker they presumed I was. Pricing? A drop in the bucket, anything for my ray of sunshine.”

David Fischer, Founder & Publisher of Highsnobiety

“Definitely a smart move on the part of Kanye and adidas, and with his family life being so open and in the public, it makes complete sense. You will 100% be seeing the kids YEEZYs all over the place and the price point of $130 will not change that either.”

Jeff Carvalho, Executive Editor of Highsnobiety

“It’s rare for sneakers to scale down correctly for baby and toddler sizes, but when they do, they’re just awesome. The adidas Stan Smith and Jordan 5 come to mind as sneakers in my son’s collection that look like the original. The YEEZY is even better, simply because the upper lends itself well to a kid’s growing foot. Yes, they will be popular, and yes I’ll be buying them.”

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