Tune in and turn up

Andy Milonakis is back at it again – this time with a funny parody video of Drake’s trademark stylings titled “Drake Songs.”

According to an interview with Pidgeons & Planes, Andy believes that “Your music choice is conducive to getting head. The Weeknd is an obvious choice but I find that’s more for traditional sex. If you’re talking about the oral variety, the 6 God is perfect. I tried my hand at a few ‘serious’ melodic songs, but it was missing a big piece of me which is the comedic element.”

In the video, Milonakis dons his best Drake impression by flipping pancakes, flirting with honeys, and getting head – from three girls at once. While the lavish pool house might have something to do with it, it’s almost fact that Milonakis’s Drake mask is the key factor in getting those Drake vibes just right.

For more Drake-related goodness, watch the history of his music told through a one-take piano rendition below.

Words by Marcus Cho
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