Highsnobiety recently covered the shocking robbery of Copenhagen sneaker boutique Rezet Store, in which dozens of “Cream White” YEEZY Boost 350 V2s were stolen straight off the truck.

These days, there’s literally a fortune to be made in the reselling business, especially in the YEEZY trade, so it’s not overly surprising that thieves would risk a serious penalty by hijacking shoes, when tens of thousands of dollars stand to be made in profit. Estimating conservatively, 40 pairs could garner around $20,000 if sold individually, judging by current figures on StockX, so it’s no small potatoes.

Below, we speak with Rezet co-founder Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen to get his perspective on the YEEZY robbery.

First how did you find out about the robbery? How did it happen? What was your reaction?

I was standing in the street when the carrier came with a half-empty pallet, telling me that someone just robbed his truck just before he was about to unload the pallet. He explained that he didn’t know how much was stolen, just that the pallet was cut open, and that part of the shipment was clearly missing.

My first reaction was of course “FUCK.” Then I started thinking about what we could do to find them. YEEZYs are some of the easiest shoes to sell, so I instantly knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get them back.

How many pairs were taken?

Four boxes of 10 pairs so 40 pairs in total. Fortunately, we still had all sizes to hold our YEEZY raffle. But unfortunately, the thieves took many of the good pairs, and therefore we had only a few of each size.

Do you have any leads on where the sneakers have gone? Or who took them?

I don’t believe this was a coincidence, the robbers didn’t just pick a random truck. Someone must have known something about the contents of the boxes, but we can only guess who that would be.

Do you expect to find the shoes?

No we don’t. We know the police are on the case, but these days it’s one of the most common shoes to resell, so the chance of finding them is slim-to-none.

Will you take more security precautions next time?

Of course, and we hope both adidas and the freight company will take this as a learning experience, to be even more cautious with the next drop.

Did you speak with adidas directly about the incident?

Yes, we are trying to figure out a solution, but one thing is sure we won’t be getting any replacement pairs.

If anyone has information, how can they get in touch with you?

Any information is valuable, and at this point we’ve probably received around 500 emails regarding this matter, including pictures of people reselling larger numbers of YEEZYs. Our employee Mathias from our customer service made a post in a Danish sneaker Facebook group, and he received around 150 DMs to his personal account.

The whole case just adds some spice to the crazy YEEZY hype. This time we had over 15,000 signups for our raffle, which is just crazy compared to the number of actual shoes we get from adidas.

If you have any information with regards to the robbery, be sure to contact Rezet directly.

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