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Although Kanye West’s plan to open 200 YEEZY-dedicated stores in 2017 never really materialized, there is one store that has attempted to bring Kanye’s vision to life.

The store is in Wenzhou, China – one of the biggest sneaker manufacturing cities in the world – exclusively sells fake YEEZYs. But if you thought they would be cheap because they’re fake, think again. Retail ranges from $150 to $400 for well-made, albeit fake, sneakers.

YouTuber Collin Abroadcast took a 14-hour train ride to Wenzhou to give viewers an exclusive look into the only fake YEEZY store in the world. Check out the video above (the good part starts at 5:20) to peep some ridiculous “custom” fake YEEZYs.

In related knockoff news, Zara dropped a sneaker that looks strikingly like the new YEEZY Wave Runner 700.

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