Frustrated you haven’t been able to get your hands on a pair of Kanye’s recently-released “Grey/Gum” YEEZY Boost 750s? Well, this guy may have played a small role in your struggles to land a size. Meet Allen Kuo, the man who had 100 pairs of YEEZY Boost 750s before they even released.

Chances are by now you’ve seen a picture or two of Allen and some of his stock, floating around on social media. To find out more about his story, SneakerWatch linked up with Allen to get details on how he landed such a supply, what he had to pay for them, and how soon he’s looking to unload the shoes.

Kuo also detailed his start in the sneaker reselling game, as he is simply a guy who enjoys hustling and making money. And all you sneakerheads out there, you’ll probably be angered when finding out that he’s not really into kicks. It’s solely about business.

Regardless, for more on how Allen secured a supply of 100 pairs of the “Grey/Gum” YEEZY Boost 750s, check out SneakerWatch’s conversation with the young businessman.

Not NYC, not LA.