In continuing the trend of producing environmentally-friendly products, adidas has just unveiled a new shoe in this category which has an upper that is - wait for it - 100% naturally biodegradable.

At the present moment, the adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoes are just prototypes, but the push for the next level of sustainability is very real with these sneakers. “In Germany, the idea of organic food is a bit of a mystery, so the idea of being environmentally friends and sustainable is also natural,” says adidas's James Carnes. “We thought we needed to do something that has a great impact on the world.”

With an upper composed of a spider-inspired fabric named "Biosteel Yarn," it's difficult to discern the construction from other yarns at a glance, and will still offer that same level of comfort that made the UltraBOOST the world's sneaker darling.

There's no word yet in terms of a release date, but you can expect the shoes to release at some point in 2017, in similar fashion to how the adidas x Parley collaboration was rolled out.

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