BYBORRE and adidas are both pioneers in their respective fields. As BYBORRE continues to push the boundaries of knitwear each season, adidas, a cornerstone in the world of sportswear, is reinventing itself and the industry with a new commitment to sustainability. This collaboration sees the two brands join forces to establish a new design technology TRUE COLOR.

The brands will unveil a collection that was made by adhering to the TRUE COLOR principle. This partnership challenges the wider industry to use creativity as an agent for change, to reduce environmental impact through each step of the design and production process.

TRUE COLOR urges companies to use fabrics at their purest form. By minimizing dyeing and processing, garments become more environmentally friendly. “BYBORRE and adidas don’t expect everyone to stop using all color and/or finishings, but expect everyone to start asking the right questions to challenge the current industry’s ways," Denis Dekovic, VP of design at adidas, said of the project.

Last year BYBORRE collaborated with GORE-TEX on a similarly innovative collection, "Hybrid Edition." You can check it out here.

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