While adidas is a German corporation, the brand closed its last shoe factory in Germany back in 1993. Since then, they have taken to China and Vietnam for lower-wage production.

Now, it's being reported that adidas will be returning to Germany next year for mass shoe production and will then open a similar factory Stateside. The German factory will be largely operated by robots, which will ultimately mean faster delivery of new styles.

The new "Speedfactory" is located in the southern German town of Ansbach, as large scale production will in turn begin in 2017.

Again, adidas is also planning to open a similar factory in the U.S. and expects the two factories to produce at least a million pairs of shoes per year combined within the next couple of years.

The new plants would supplement rather than replace production in Asia, as adidas currently makes about 300 million pairs of shoes a year and already adds two factories a year to keep up with current rates of growth.

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