adidas Skateboarding returns this week with a new skate edit, the first full-length showcasing team rider Heitor da Silva. Aptly titled Heitor, the film follows Silva as he shreds throughout Los Angeles, Taiwan, Philadelphia and Buenos Aires.

Heitor is originally from Brazil, but he now splits his time between Copenhagen and Malmö. In addition to adidas, one of his newest sponsors is none other than Palace Skateboards.

In speaking on his fellow adidas and Palace teammate, Benny Fairfax says, “He’s a happy-go-lucky kid who can skate absolutely anything—vert, ledges, and everything in between! The school he went to in Malmö is built around a huge indoor skatepark. They actually get graded on skateboarding, so I’m pretty sure he got an A!”

Filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern, press play above to watch Heitor da Silva in adidas Skateboarding's Heitor.

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