adidas and HVW8 have announced the release of new artwork on Seely and Adi-Ease styles from Kevin Lyons and Jean André. “With the Seeley, I wanted to experiment with a lot of the watercolor on paper backgrounds that I have been doing over the past couple of years," explains Lyons. "I played around with very saturated color mixing that created an analog, thermodynamic Predator-like pattern. I like the moody blue and rich tones that some of the saturations and bleeding make.” With the Ease, Lyons saw an opportunity to use some of the color fill drips from his larger mural paintings where he often uses sponges and water-based paint.

For his Adi-Ease, Jean looked at an allover pattern of more sensual shapes and the similarities between leaves and women’s lips. Speaking on his Seeley design, Jean says, “I always wear full color shoes. I’m not into many colors and many shapes. I wanted a special product that looks like something I would wear. I figured out that if you were to stand in a pool of black ink with your white shoes, then it could be a cool look and feel.”

On November 15, HVW8's West Hollywood gallery will kick off an international series of events celebrating these collaborations with appearances, artwork, a display of the four new shoes from the two artists, and a special music guest. The event will be followed by an installation at Art Basel in Miami from December 3-7 and special pop-up galleries to follow in Europe. Lyons and André's creations will be available for purchase at PacSun by the beginning of December, before a wider release by year's end.

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