After Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reached out, Donald Trump pledged to help get A$AP Rocky out of Sweden, as the 30-year-old rapper was recently incarcerated in Stockholm due to assault charges. Trump took to Twitter to proclaim his stance surrounding Rocky's detaining, insisting that he should be freed. After multiple weeks in a Swedish prison, the Harlem entertainer was released, before being found guilty of the charges in question. He avoided additional jail time, however, and made his way back over to the United States.

According to Yahoo, the Trump administration has been waiting for a "thank you" from A$AP Rocky that has yet to be issued. This same report also suggests that Trump hoped to bolster his standing among African Americans by coming to the aid of Rocky.

Ohio pastor and one of Trump’s most notable African American surrogates, Darrell Scott, and Kareem Lanier, co-chairman of the Urban Revitalization Coalition, teamed up with Hassan Muhammad, a so-called "fixer" for celebrities, in attempts to remedy A$AP Rocky's legal situation in Sweden, along with the help of Rocky's manager, John Ehmann. Scott and Lanier reportedly made it clear to Ehmann that for their services they only had one request.

“The White House didn’t ask for anything. There were no conditions attached, but my condition and Kareem’s condition was that all I’m asking for you guys to do is say thank you,” Scott recalled telling Rocky’s manager, to which Ehmann replied, “If a serial killer gets Rocky out of jail, I would have no problem saying thank you to the serial killer.”

Fast forward and A$AP Rocky was released upon conclusion of the trial on August 2. He was then permitted to return to the US while he awaited the court's verdict. Lanier and Scott quickly contacted Rocky's team, expecting to receive their thank you. When they finally spoke with Ehmann, Scott said the manager made excuses for Rocky insisting he needed time to travel and rest. “I hope you guys aren’t going back on what you said you were going to do,” Scott told Ehmann.

Lanier states that Ehmann ensured he would facilitate a conversation between Rocky and the Trump administration, before he stopped responding to text messages altogether.

Once A$AP Rocky was found guilty of the assault charges on August 14 — albeit no jail time was issued — he thanked fans and all those who supported him for a second time following his initial release. Again, he failed to specifically name Trump and/or his administration.

“All he had to do was do a two-minute call to say thank you,” said Scott. “Rocky hasn’t even called us and said, ‘Hey, man, thank you guys. I appreciate it,’ in private. Just in private.”

For more on the story between A$AP Rocky and the Trump administration, follow on over to Yahoo.

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