Last night, A$AP Rocky was one of several artists to take the stage at Spotify's Rap Caviar concert in New York. At one point, Rocky stopped his set to make what might be the boldest claim he's made in his entire career: that he is the "greatest contemporary artist of all-time." His full comment can be read below, in addition to some fan-shot footage of the moment:

"In case ya’ll don’t know, like I said last time, I’m the greatest f*ckin’ artist of all-time n****a. Yeah, I’m on my cocky Kanye shit, whatever the f*ck, suck my d**k with that n***a. I’m the greatest contemporary artist of all-time. Renaissance, contemporary, all that. I need ya’ll n****s to know, all this little razzle dazzle, bum ass shit going on, Flacko Season ’bout to drop real soon.”

Aside from the knowledge that Rocky's claim puts him the same playing field as everyone from Michelangelo to Stanley Kubrick to Elvis Presley, his monologue let us know that his next full-length should indeed be with us soon. Stay tuned!

In other music news, a previously-unseen interview with Lil Peep has surfaced wherein the rapper discusses life after death. Watch it here.

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