UPDATE: The official verdict for A$AP Rocky's Sweden court case is finally in and he has been found guilty of assault. Find out what that means for the rapper here.

The verdict in A$AP Rocky's Swedish court case is due today, and while the rapper was allowed to leave Sweden temporarily earlier this month, there is a chance he will have to go back should the court rule against him.

Billboard recently published a breakdown of what Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, could face if the court finds him guilty on charges of assault. According to the information given to the publication by Swedish civil attorney Måns Ressner, Rocky could be given a deadline to return to Sweden and serve a prison term.

It is believed to be unlikely that Rocky will have to serve any prison time if found guilty, as he has already spent more than four weeks in detention in Stockholm while the investigation and trial were ongoing. This pre-trial detention would be taken into account and deducted from any final sentence.

If the judge rules against Rocky and sentences him to more time in prison than he has spent in pre-trial detention, he would have to return to Sweden to serve the remaining time. Prosecutors have repeatedly called for a six-month sentence.

If Rocky were required to return to Sweden to serve additional time and refused, he would essentially become a fugitive. Sweden has extradition agreements with most Western countries, including the US, restricting the countries he can travel to, tour, and perform without risking arrest and extradition back to Sweden.

Rocky pleaded not guilty to the aggravated assault charges against him. You can read the full timeline of the case here and stay tuned for the verdict, which is expected to arrive later today.

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