After weeks of hype and teased tracks, A$AP Rocky and the rest of the A$AP Mob finally unveiled the years-in-the-making project Cozy Tapes Vol. 1, a compilation album featuring every member of the Mob. It was a project that first began under the direction of Mob-founder A$AP Yams, and one that was shelved upon his unexpected death from an overdose in January of 2015.

Now that the record has been completed, Rocky has opened up on the tumultuous recording process and Yams's legacy in a new interview with Genius. Check out some of the essential quotes below:

On reviewing Yams's final notes:

It’s a composition notebook with Raekwon holding an Elmo doll, a Supreme sticker, and Biggie’s picture with the afro as a baby. Inside, it got plans of what he wanted to do for 2015 and who he wanted to fuck with, who he wanted us to fuck with, what artists he was interested in.

On what Yams brought to the Mob:

He wanted everybody to move cohesively. Everybody had the same vision but he was the voice of reason. I’m like the dad and, pause — not to compare him to a female — but he was more like the mother.

On his own role in the Mob:

I gotta be Yams to an extent now. I’ve gotta be the one who shakes hands and kisses babies and shit, and keeps relationships poppin’.

On using old-school references:

The kids aren’t familiar with all that shit so we just putting them on. We young-old niggas… I would definitely say I have an old soul so we’re trying to put them on, for those who don’t know. For those who do, it’s lit… You gotta pay homage, show them where we get it from.

On his rivalry with Tyler, the Creator:

That’s my brother. Yeah, we had to [compete] because I bring a certain energy out of Tyler. Tell me if you’ve ever heard Tyler, the Creator rap like that in your life. Wait until you hear new shit we’ve got coming.

On the Mob's future:

I don’t want A$AP to look like a bunch of mini-mes because I came out first and that’s the Yammy vision, just to be ourselves and keep it moving.

Be sure to read Rocky's full interview over at Genius.

In other music news, Wyclef Jean and Young Thug have re-teamed on the dancehall-inflected track "I Swear." Listen to it right here.

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