Earlier this week, French Montana tied himself in knots after saying "whatever happened, happened" regarding allegations about R. Kelly, telling TMZ that the singer was acquitted and should be allowed to enjoy his legacy — only to later walk back his comments.

Now, A$AP Rocky has come to Montana's defense, sharing his own thoughts on the R. Kelly controversy in an interview on The Angie Martinez Show and delivering other updates, including his new-found sobriety and relationship status.

During the conversation, the TESTING artist said the Coke Boys rapper was just having a "Kanye moment," meaning he was "trying to articulate something and his delivery just wasn't right."

Rocky then offered his own point of view: "I think what he was trying to say is was people like Bill Cosby, people like R. Kelly, they build up this legacy for a long time, and it just gets taken away. Don't get me wrong. Do I know if R. Kelly is a rapist and all that other stuff? It seems like he is."

He continued by saying that if Kelly has a "sickness, he needs to be dealt with."

Elsewhere in the interview, Rocky spoke about being 15 days sober, getting his "mind right and healthy," and taking a break from the industry mentality of always being high, before discussing why he has opted to date a "normal" (i.e. non-celebrity) woman.

Watch the interview below (Kelly-related comments from 16:30).

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