After being detained in a Swedish jail for a month, A$AP Rocky was released on Friday pending the final verdict in his case and allowed to travel back to the US. One of the first stops upon his return was to hit up Kanye West's Sunday Service.

There, the rapper was seen chatting to West, who according to President Trump was instrumental in raising the President's awareness of Rocky's case. He was also seen on camera hanging out with Kendall Jenner, who he was once romantically linked to. Watch below.

Deploying his particular approach to diplomacy and the separation of powers, Trump tweeted multiple times about the case and sent a special presidential envoy to monitor events in court in Stockholm. This weekend, it was also revealed in a leaked document that a US official had warned Sweden that there would be "negative consequences to the US-Swedish bilateral relationship” if the case was not closed quickly.

Rocky is awaiting the verdict of his assault case and will have to return to the Swedish court on August 14 to hear whether he has been found guilty or not. See the full timeline of Rocky's arrest here.

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