If you've seen A$AP Rocky during his “Injured Generation" tour, you might have noticed that his stage ’fits are a little wilder than usual. Decked out in a custom Prada two-piece complete with Guy Fieri (or Thrasher)-inspired flames, Rocky has been giving us serious mall goth vibes.

Whether intentionally or not, his look also reminds us a whole lot of classic Tekken character Jin's flame pants. Furthermore, when Rocky added the TESTING mask and got behind the drums, we got a slight twang of Slipknot nostalgia, too.

After "reviving" Osiris' D3 skate shoe with his Under Armour SRLo sneaker, Rocky would appear to be continuing his charge into late-’90s/early ’00s Hot Topic territory. Take a closer look at the outfits courtesy of Rocky's stylist Matthew Henson below.

Rocky has always been a style icon, but lately, he's been more out there with his looks. We still can't get over his all-Gucci "Babuska" ’fit (and apparently, neither can he, given he dedicated a whole track to it), but we're extremely here for this early ’00s look. Pair this latest ’fit with the SRLo, and it's like Limp Bizkit never went away.

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