Yeezy taught Demna Gvasalia quite well, apparently, because Demna is taking on a mononym just like Kanye did a couple months ago. Now Kanye is legally known as "Ye" and Demna is informally known simply as "Demna."

Balenciaga PR confirmed to Highsnobiety that the creative director has dropped his last name as far as his professional output is concerned.

"From now on, Demna uses only his first name, distinguishing an artist title from a birthname and therefore separating creative work from personal life," Balenciaga press said in a statement tied to the brand's SS22 collection. "In all press going forward, he chooses to be referred to simply as Demna."

Perhaps Demna picked up this preference when he was working on DONDA merch or his medal of honor made him realize that he truly is the world's most famous "Demna."

It's appropriate, either way, that an envelope-pushing dude like Demna — who has reinvigorated men's couture and led fashion's charge into the metaverse, remember — would further distinguish himself with a comparably innovative (or nutty, depending on your perspective) idea.

Unlike Ye, though, Demna hasn't legally obliterated his surname; he basically just gave himself a nickname that he expects everyone to use when talking about him, one that just so happens to be identical to his given name.

To which I say: sure, why not. Like I mentioned earlier, Demna is on the bleeding edge of fashion, bringing the world's biggest celebs into his fold, making Balenciaga the world's hottest — and most divisive — fashion brand.

In fact, I'm surprised he didn't go all MF DOOM and spell "Demna" in all-caps or something.

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