Balenciaga kinda broke the internet when it revealed its collaborative episode of The Simpsons during Paris Fashion Week in an act of ultimate MerchTainment. Barely a week later, you can already own a piece of the action yourself with the luxury house's collaborative Simpsons line.

Now, technically, the Simpsons episode was part of Balenciaga's Summer 2022 collection and this special apparel and accessories are from Spring 2022.

Not that seasons really matter anymore: the Simpsons collaboration is already available on Balenciaga's website and will soon be in its global stores.

These are Balenciaga items through and through — $650 giant T-shirt: check, $875 tiny backpack: check — but they're not terribly exciting design-wise. To put it bluntly, it makes me wanna say "Boo-urns."

And I'm not the only one asking for more. On @highsnobietystyle's recent post, comments range from "H&M is that you?" to "Actually uncreative and boring." Not a lot of love here!

Like the Fortnite line and PlayStation items, it's all about the graphics: everything is printed with the same image of the Simpsons family and a spray-painted logo, whether its a giant bomber jacket or silk scarf.

Don't get me wrong, the novelty of seeing Marge, Homer, and the kids decked out in some of Gvasalia's Balenciaga designs exists but it's a trick that only works so well the first few times.

Plus, I can't help but get flashbacks of those bootleg cartoon character streetwear crossovers that'd show up on social media like a decade ago. Still can't wrap my head around the fact that Matt Groening drew Bart wearing Balenciaga's square-toed wellies.

Considering the pretty spiffy NASA x Balenciaga collection, which had a wild astronaut jacket and futuristic silver accessories, I know Balenciaga can do pretty out-there stuff with its collabs.

Why not offer some Simpsonized versions of more adventurous Balenciaga stuff? Or even some designs that focus on a single cast member? No muumuu? Not even any shorts to eat?

Okay, Balenciaga x Simpsons wasn't intended to be a deep dive into the animated show's lore or anything but, still, it all feels very mall T-shirt kiosk to me (perhaps sold alongside Mount And Do Me tees).

It's not the "worst crossover ever," in the words of Comic Book Guy, but I'd like to see Balenciaga's collaborations get a little more out-there.

Perhaps one day, though, we'll finally see one of Balenciaga's collaborations rise closer to the level of its couture.

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