Ever wonder what it's like to be good friends with Drake? Well, it involves being gifted extravagant jewelry. Just ask DJ Khaled, who recently received an iced-out chain from Champagne Papi.

Khaled took to Instagram this week to show off his new present from Drizzy. The gift is a sparkling chain, similar to the one Drake wore in Khaled's recent "Popstar" video. The piece incorporates the OVO owl, as well as a lion head and a key, which reference DJ Khaled's catchphrases.

"Drake was wearing one, now I got one. It’s called brothers. Drake, thank you so much for your friendship. This is beautiful,” Khaled said while flaunting the jewelry on Instagram.

Drake and DJ Khaled's working relationship dates back more than a decade. The two have collaborated on numerous hits over the years, including recent tracks, "Popstar" and "Greece."

Check out Khaled's Instagram posts below for an up-close look at his new chain from Drake.

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