If you've been on the internet in the last week, there's no way you've missed the dramatics unfolding between Kanye West and Drake, which went from a cheeky diss track, and ended up with threats and doxxing.

We already know that Kanye West loves drama. It started way back when Kanye's career was only just kicking off, and has given us memorable pop culture moments such as "I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time," his multiple speeches about running for president (we still wish we could forget some of them), as well as his cryptic messaging leading up to his anticipated album DONDA.

Kanye's feud with Drake began in 2018 (although the two had their fair share of grievances with each other before that), following Pusha T's track "Infrared," which featured several digs towards Drizzy, who later responded with "Duppy Freestyle" and "I'm Upset." Then, naturally, Pusha-T decided to release "The Story of Adidon," which revealed that Drake had a son that he'd been hiding from the world. Yikes.

Following the release of the track, many began speculating how Pusha-T could have gotten ahold of the information, with many also speculating that Kanye could have had something to do with it. The whole thing was certainly unhinged, and thankfully, their feud took a much-needed break. That was until Ye's DONDA rollout began.

We've spent the past few weeks waiting for Kanye to release DONDA, following multiple listening parties and release dates, and according to the latest information, the album is set to launch on August 26. There's no denying that the hype around DONDA has been through the roof, but there's another album that fans are waiting for: Drake's Certified Lover Boy.

The Canadian rapper has been adopting Kanye's secretive album rollout, giving fans teasers and dates, and even having other people (read: LeBron James) talk about it on the internet and hype it up. The buildup has fans getting excited, speculating that DONDA and Certified Lover Boy will arrive at the same time, reigniting the ongoing beef and competition between the two rappers.

Of course, with Kanye's album set to arrive on August 26, Drake is rumored to be releasing a single with Young Thug and Future on the same day. He is the King of Petty for a reason.

When their beef took a dark turn earlier this week and Kanye ended up doxxing Drake after having added him to a group chat with a threatening text featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker (this is still SO weird), Drake took to social media to respond on his own. Instead of blowing it up and making a big deal out of the situation,  Drizzy was posting videos of him laughing, as well as a photo with the caption, "I have an emotional budget I can’t go over."

As DONDA is (supposedly) right around the corner, there's no doubt that Drake has more cards up his sleeve. He loves a good feud and will continue with his pettiness until the end, and we can't do anything but come along for the ride and watch grown men fight on the internet.

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