Here comes DONDA — maybe. Despite a baffling blizzard of news related to the album's producers, artwork, and merch, the long wait could be over. Kanye West may actually debut DONDA in his hometown.

With the gift of hindsight, we now know that it was a bit too optimistic to think that famed perfectionist Kanye West would hasten his latest magnum opus' launch — despite the multiple listening parties where he actually did premiere DONDA. Oh well. Dude's gotta go shopping in LA, give him a break.

Still, at this rate, the slew of YEEZY GAP jackets that West and GAP have been rolling out for pre-order will actually drop before DONDA does.

In the early afternoon of August 18, West uploaded a now-deleted text post to his Instagram page, reading "DONDA SOLDIER FIELD 8 26 21," as you can see above.

Soldier Field, is a large sports stadium located at the most southwest edge of Lake Michigan, a sizeable venue worthy of hosting West's immense fanbase (and the rapper himself, once he inevitably begins living there too).

The show will reportedly begin at 9PM CST and ticket sales for the event will go live August 20 at noon CST via Soldier Field's website through Ticketmaster — keep that page handy if you want to secure a ticket.

No word on what exactly will go down, obviously, but we can all look forward to the usual: a crazy live event, exclusive merch, and some celebrity appearances, probably.

It's also probably safe to expect a live stream for those unable to visit Chicago and craving their Kanye fix.

Meanwhile, Kanye's manager, Abou "Bu" Thiam, not only re-uploaded the text post announcement, but apparently confirmed that DONDA is actually dropping next week.

In the comment section of his post, a fan asked, "after this will [Kanye] finally drop the album?" Bu simply replied, "100%."

That's pretty convincing, despite all the "guaranteed" launch dates that we've heard over the past month. Then again, as the man himself once said, "I've seen it before."

Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Dr Chicago, IL 60605

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