With new Drake music comes fresh batches of spicy memes for our content-seeking pleasure. More Life hasn’t disappointed when it comes to providing the internet with all the tools to fully flex its creative muscles - from igniting another UK/U.S. “who’s better at rapping” beef to a plethora of 'Dear Diary' Drake captions, social media has been abuzz with some of the highest caliber Drizzy memes to date.

Most revolve around the ridiculous array of fresh slang the 6 God has incorporated, of which there are many. If you were to take a shot for every time you heard an accent or colloquialism that is a recent entry in Drake's vocabulary, you'd be hospitalized fairly imminently. But really, with an undeniably great project come undeniably great memes. 'Nuff content for your head top so watch how you speak on my name, ya know?

In other music news, Travis Scott's mother isn't very pleased with her son's spelling. Get the scoop on that here.

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