Nicki Minaj is expected to surpass Drake as the most-streamed artist on Spotify. To celebrate the occasion and Spotify's potential new queen, Drake took to Instagram Stories to share the ultimate throwback pic of them together.

While he didn't share any information about the TBT pic, its safe to say it was taken some years ago — perhaps from the time Lil Wayne recruited them both for the Young Money Entertainment roster — going by how much younger they both look.

Check out the picture below.

Drake is currently earning over 44 million monthly streams on Spotify, securing him the No. 13 spot on the world's most-streamed artists chart. However, it looks like Nicki Minaj is on the way to surpass him, as she's now sitting at No. 18, with 43+ million streams per month.

Minaj and Drake went through a rough patch following Drake's 2015 beef with Meek Mill, who was in a relationship with Minaj at the time. Following Drake's recent shout-out, though, it looks like the two are back on good terms.

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