With the fervor beginning to build for Drake's upcoming album, Views From the 6, the folks over at r/hiphopheads are pondering whether his album artwork/title further prove a sinister point that the artist's discography serves as a "suicide note" of sorts.

According to the theory, "Take Care is him telling his girl/friends/family to take care of themselves once he's gone. Nothing Was The Same is him saying once he's dead everything will change. If You're Reading This It's Too Late means that it's too late to save him. Views From The Six is the view from where he'll be jumping. Drake is standing on top of the biggest building in Toronto, about to jump and he sees the view."

Obviously, it's a huge stretch, but one can't help but look at past Drake lyrics like, "Oh my God, oh my God, If I die, I'm a legend," and ponder if there is a deeper meaning to his discography titles.

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