fake rolex daytona vs real rolex cosmograph daytona

It’s getting harder and harder to spot a fake luxury watch. In fact, this particular fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN needs expert knowledge and equipment as well as a real Rolex next to it to notice the difference.

Watchfinder & Co. has posted a video detailing all the minute differences. As the clip points out, up close, the fake is distinguishable from the legit watch, but only if you have the real thing to hand. For the average consumer, or even a watch enthusiast, there’s a real possibility of buying a fake without ever realizing — until you try to sell it, that is. Watch the video above to see the comparison.

These new fakes aren’t the shoddy, hastily cobbled together timepieces of old. The movement inside is no longer made just to look like a caliber 4130, it’s actually a replica. Accordingly, the fake Rolexes cost £1,000 (approximately $1,270). For that price, you could buy a perfectly respectable watch without sacrificing integrity or running the risk of being called out, however unlikely that may be.

So, as Watchfinder & Co. points out, the only way to be sure you’re buying a real Rolex these days is to go through a reputable seller.

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