Staying true to its consistent boundary-pushing energy, CASIO unveils a very special G-SHOCK watch this month (just in time for the festive gift-giving season.)

The GM-2100MG-1AER Moon Watch is hard to miss, for a number of reasons. Drawing design inspiration from the recent series of GM-2100 iterations, this latest release boasts a gold octagonal metal bezel unlike before which gives the watch a sharper and more streamlined aesthetic.

Eye-catching in its appearance thanks to the stark contrast between the black strap and gold dial, the GM-2100MG-1AER hits the balance between being bling and being bold, with the mirror polish to the sides and the vapor deposition to the dial adding that metallic sheen.

The slim profile is complete with all the trimmings, from shock-resistance, an automatic calendar, a timer, five alarms, and a stopwatch, to approximately three years of battery life and water resistance up to 20 bars (equivalent to 200 meters of water pressure), the Moon Watch ticks all the boxes.

Yet it’s the subtle detail in this particular model that really makes it stand out against previous GM-2100 versions. The face and rim of the dial carry a texture like that of the Moon and its craters, so you really get a feel for this space-like atmosphere. When asked about what he would like to achieve in a future watch, Kikuo Ibe, the genius behind the G-SHOCK, told us that, “outer space is a harsh environment, unlike any other on Earth, so I’d like to venture into that realm one day.” This Moon Watch is Ibe’s way of stepping in that direction and propelling the G-SHOCK on its own 2021 space odyssey.

Shop the GM-2100MG-1AER Moon Watch here.

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