Gosha Rubchinskiy showed his FW18 collection in the remote (and freezing cold) Russian city of Yekaterinburg over the weekend, but for once it was a haircut, not a piece of clothing, that got tongues wagging and fingertips tapping.

The haircut in question, adopted by a model clad in a sweatshirt emblazoned with “Россия” (which translates to Russia), sees a clean-shaven head given the iconic adidas trefoil logo treatment in the form of short, hairy fuzz.

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Now, shaving a logo into your head is nothing new. At least not if you grew up in the UK in the early '00s. Or at least not if you are Kanye West, who memorably shaved the Fendi logo into the side of his dome for a party the brand was throwing in 2006.

Before there's a fully fledged shaved logo trend, we thought it might be wise to contact a professional to give you some things to consider before taking the plunge and getting the Balenciaga logo you've always dreamed about.

It's hardly new

Hair stylist-cum-photographer Viktor Leske, whose eponymous salons are all the rage in Berlin right now, knows the trend well. "I remember back in the day, when I was still living in France, I was doing all kinds of drawings and logos on the heads of my clients," he says. "So it's nothing particularly new."

You need the right hair type

"People who are interested in having it done need to remember that, unfortunately, not everybody has the right hair type for it," Leske says. "The thicker the hair, the better the definition will be. Otherwise, if it's too thin, it might look a little weird."

Positioning is key

You may also be thinking about where to have the logo shaved in. Kanye went for a more traditional approach on the side, but the Gosha model went for a much more ostentatious positioning. Leske thinks you should go for Kanye's. "The sides and the neck are definitely the best spots," he says.

It won't last very long

How long will it last? "You're looking at about a week, maximum, before it starts to look a bit stupid," Leske says. "When the hair grows back the definition of the lines have no great effect anymore."

It's not very versatile

"You should also only have this done on a really short shaved head, then you can always restart your usual haircut without any problems," he continues. "I wouldn't recommend mixing a logo with other, more complicated styles."

But it can look cool...

Still fancying it? Well, here's one more thing to remember. "You need a very precise, creative and excellent drawer," it can look super cool but it depends on the quality of the stylist and the style of the person," Leske says.

In other news, Emily Ratajkowski edits Instagram caption after “insensitive” hair comment.

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