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This weekend at @comic_con, we’ll be debuting the @jayandsilentbob Reboot trailer during my Saturday night Hall H panel (right after the @marvelstudios panel)! It’ll go out to the world soon after, so folks are going to see much more of the cast, plot and in-movie artwork. So in anticipation, I’ll be sharing images from #jayandsilentbobreboot that I haven’t made public yet. Like this faux movie artwork upon which our plot turns. In the new adventure, #jayandsilentbob find out the old #bluntmanandchronic movie that was based on them is getting a Reboot - so they go back to Hollywood to stop it all over again! But as with any Reboot, the source material has been modernized - so the rebooted Bluntman movie (the reboot of the movie that starred @biggsjason and @vanderjames) now features a female Chronic! I won’t spoil who plays the new Bluntman and Chronic (it’s in the trailer), so I’ll take some guesses instead: Who’s Behind the Masks? When the trailer drops this weekend, you’ll get to see if you were right. But if you’re at Saturday night’s “Kevin Smith Reboots Hall H” panel, you’ll not only see the Reboot trailer: I’m gonna show you the #Bluntman movie-in-a-movie scene too! I can’t wait to start sharing this epic! It’s my all-time favorite of all my flicks and also a meta scrapbook of my entire career (and life) that sequelizes all the #viewaskew movies in one sprawling story! (NOTE: Reboot comes out in the Fall. The B&C poster says “Summer” because that’s when it comes out in the #viewaskewniverse.) Art by #marianodiaz! #KevinSmith #comiccon #hallh #reboot #jayandsilentbob #viewaskewniverse

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Prior to debuting the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, American filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith shares the first look at his Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back followup, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith has taken to Instagram this week to reveal a teaser poster for Bluntman v Chronic, the movie within Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the titular characters (played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) return to Hollywood to attempt to stop a reboot of the fictional Bluntman and Chronic movie that was based on them. Now, the revamped Bluntman and Chronic has been modernized and stars a female Chronic, albeit the real-life actors playing the characters will not be made known until the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer reveal, as Smith adds that the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer will also feature footage from the fictional Bluntman v Chronic film. And while the Bluntman v Chronic movie posters says “Summer” at the bottom, Smith discloses that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is scheduled to release in the fall.

Stay tuned for more surrounding Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, as the trailer is set to arrive in a matter of days.

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