Now, look here. I love a big baggy suit, especially if it's Balenciaga. And Justin Bieber is an avowed Balenciaga fan, so you'd think he'd really know his way around a bit of slouchy tailoring. Not so, sadly.

And who am I to be nitpicking anyone stylish/influential/relevant/rich/famous enough to be showing their stuff at the 2021 Met Gala? Well, I'm not necessarily saying Justin is among the worst-dressed, I suppose, but someone's gotta answer for this look.

According to his on-carpet chat with Keke Palmer (who killed it, by the way), Bieber's entire outfit is head-to-toe Drew House, the lifestyle brand he co-founded with his brother. But it's not just Drew House, no, it's "Le Maison Drew," a sub-label of Drew that Bieber briefly spoke about with Palmer.

There's no information out there about this new Drew House imprint so all we know is that it's apparently dedicated to making saggy, shapeless eveningwear. Er, I mean couture. Drew-ture, if you will.

What exactly is going on with the 'fit? To start, we've got big satin lapels with bizarre crossover closure on the blazer, over a shirt that's hard to see but clearly too long in the sleeves.

And don't get me wrong, I don't care nearly enough about collar rolls and canvassed lining to be picking apart the intricate specificities of someone's suit, but Bieber isn't doing baggy in a cool way; he looks more like a kid tossing on his dad's suit.

This isn't me pooh-poohing loose garms, as much as it's starting to feel that way. Justin and Hailey Bieber know their way around coolly louche looks, okay? It's just that this suit is no bueno, regardless of whatever brand tag is stitched inside.

Then there's the pants. Again, I am a big pants apologist, but even I wouldn't be sorry enough for these pooling slacks with tuxedo-inspired side stripes. (?)

Bieber's accessorizing is the final nail in the coffin, though. The shiny gold watch that matches the cufflinks (watch guys, please leave me be), the suede suitcase thing with the Drew logo, and — to top it all off — a pair of Nike Air Force 1s seemingly customized by hand, down to the Drew sticker on the heel and teddy bear doodle. Cute, I guess? Not very impressive given the venue, though.

If this is how Bieber wants to debut a new clothing line, go for it. For all I know, he was joking about Le Maison Drew (he did say it in a faux French accent). But this 'fit is no laughing matter, my man.

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