A group of kids from Ikorodu, Nigeria have reworked the music videos for Roddy Ricch's "The Box" and Justin Bieber's "Yummy," and the results are dope.

Ricch's high-budget video featured a street race, a heist, and a basketball championship. Yet while the kids' reimagining doesn't boast similar funding, the video has gone viral thanks to their resourceful and innovative take, using everyday items such as wheelbarrows in place of luxury cars and trash bins as basketball hoops.

Shared on Twitter last week, the kids, who call themselves Ikorodu Bois, captioned their post, "We love this song so much so we did our version, Please retweet till @RoddyRicch sees this." And not only did Ricch see it, but gave it his approval with a retweet. Watch the video below.

Ricch isn't the only artist to be treated to such a tribute, however. The group also reworked Bieber's "Yummy" video. Check the video below and scroll down for some of their other hits, including Burna Boy and a Kobe Bryant tribute video.

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