It's not every day you see a Lamborghini GT or GTR, let alone two up for sale. And yet, Japanese company BH Auction is currently selling one of each for some imposing prices.

The Diablo is one of Lamborghini’s signature speedsters. It followed the Countach in 1990 and its various iterations performed at racing events until the series was discontinued in 2001, winning accolades and hearts along the way.

Throughout the Diablo's lifespan, Lamborghini spun the model off into the variants that included the GT2 (race car) and the GT, a road-legal version that was made in extremely limited numbers. Though it's capable of driving on city streets, the Diablo GT is very much a beast, capable of channeling its 575hp 6-liter V12 engine into a 3.4 second 0-60.

This particular bright yellow version was made in 1999 and is only number 22 of 80 Diablo GTs made that year. Talk about exclusive.

Well, actually, if we really wanna discuss exclusivity, let's move on to the Diablo GTR that's also up for sale in this auction, offered in a matching yellow shade. This is not for the Sunday driver: it's a fully-fledged race car that takes the GT's design cues and amps them up to 11.

Lamborghini only produced 30 of these cars in 1999 for its Super Trofeo one-make race, so who knows how many exist beyond this one. Capable of revving up to 590hp, the Diablo GTR is fitted with a mean-looking tail, roll bar, and the other accoutrement you'd expect from a legit racecar.

With about a day left in the sale, the Lamborghini Diablo GT is sitting at ¥68 million (a little over $600k) while the Diablo GTR weighs in at around ¥91m (a little over $800k).

That's quite a premium over the usual Diablo sale, which averages $200k.

That being said, the Diablos aren't actually the highest prices in this auction: that honor belongs to a 2020 McLaren Senna LM that's going for a cool ¥192m (about $1.7m).

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