Today Louis Vuitton has opened the doors to its new temporary store in Paris. Virgil Abloh has come through accordingly to provide us with a look inside the residence, which serves as the home base for the house's current "Walk in the Park" initiative.

Abloh revealed in an Instagram post that Louis Vuitton's temporary Parisian store (and also revealed he despises the term pop-up) was inspired by a trip he took to London and Paris as a teenager. More specifically, the space and the items found within draw from the shops he spent time in during his visit to Europe.

The designer made reference to a few key pieces featured in the temporary LV store, ranging from OG Millionaires sunglasses and the OG Helmut Lang Louis Grandmaster Flash Trunk, to Marc Jacobs' Stephen Sprouse LV deck and trunk, Futura's new book, and a photography exhibition from Lucien Clarke. A selection of the rarest and most exclusive LV Trainers are available in-store as well, in addition to a range of Abloh-designed accessories.

Louis Vuitton's temporary store in Paris will be open to the public throughout January in conjunction with "Walk in the Park," a month-long series of men's fashion events consisting of both physical and digital experiences dedicated to the designs of Virgil Abloh.

Louis Vuitton Paris 28 Quai de la Mégisserie 1er 75001 Paris, France

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