Brand: Palace x Cannondale

Season: Fall 2021

Buy: Palace's website and stores, Cannondale, Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market LA

Release Date: September 3 (UK, US), September 4 (Japan, China). Bike only available via Cannondale's website.

Editor's Notes: Palace is trading its decks for some fancy bikes. Well, for one week, at least. Last year's team-up with Rapha was merely a warm-up, as Palace is finally onboard with Cannondale for a proper Fall 2021 bike collaboration.

That Rapha collection did see Palace create its first bike with Cannondale but it wasn't made for public consumption. This time, the duo is dropping an actual widely-available cycle, a riff on the Cannondale Bad Boy as it turns 50 this year.

For a brand that has partnered with everyone from Moschino to Evisu to Mercedes, it's pretty surprising that this is basically the first Palace vehicle, skateboards aside. No time like the present, though.

There's currently a big bike push within streetwear, with all kinds of brands jumping into the sub-culture via collabs. Given the state of the world, there's much to be said for appeal of pedaling around town.

Plus, the freedom of biking ties into the satisfaction found in exploring the natural world, an emotion only boosted by the restrictions wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cycling gear was never as cool as traditional outdoor jackets and shoes, though, until only just recently.

"When I think of Cannondale, I just think of my best mate's bike!" Lev Tanju, Palace Skateboards founder, said. "And how much I wanted one." Well, now a whole generation of kids will grow up envying their pals' Palace x Cannondale.

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